We aspire to be a space where businesses thrive alongside the community in a sustainable and ethical manner. We aim to be a network of support and collaboration that stands out not only for what it does but for how it is done. We strive to set an example for the business sector throughout the continent, transforming our way of viewing business and demonstrating that through determination, honesty, and solidarity, we can turn that "better future" we all talk about into a "better present" that we all live.


Being an internationally diversified group of companies with a focus on responsible growth is more than a vision for the future; it is our raison d'être. At Grupo Montecristo, the connection between countries, companies, and people goes beyond business: we build it on family values in which we not only believe but choose to apply and respect every day, so that our decisions always benefit and enrich the communities in which we operate. 


Responsible and Sustainable Business Growth.
El Zompopero

Colonel Ramón Medina Castellanos acquires the property “El Zompopero”, thus beginning a success story that spans five generations, defined by constant responsible growth.

Casona Hacienda Montecristo 1945

Colonel Ramón Medina Castellanos, in a purchase deed, grants his son Ramón Medina Cuevas the property called Hacienda Montecristo, formerly known as "El Zompopero." In this 1945 document, the name Hacienda Montecristo is established.

Familia Ramón Medina Cueva

Ramón Medina Cueva, son of Colonel Medina Castellanos, begins to produce tobacco for cigar manufacturing. Later, he becomes one of the founders of Banco Occidente.

Emilio Medina Rodríguez

Emilio Medina Rodríguez, son of Ramón Medina Cuevas, strengthens the growth of tobacco production, and delves into commercial cattle breeding. Additionally, he starts a coffee cultivation that reaches a production of 110 quintals.

Bodega Café Montecristo 1983

Bodega de Café Montecristo is born as an Individual Trader, thanks to the management of the current CEO of Grupo Montecristo, Eng. Emilio Medina Sagastume, son of Emilio Medina Rodriguez, who in its first year trades 4,216 quintals of coffee. By 1986, he manages to trade 92,000 quintals.

Beneficio de Café Montecristo

Thanks to the leadership of Eng. Medina S., together with a committed group of professionals, the exporter Beneficio de Café Montecristo LLC (BECAMO) is founded. The company manages to export 36,000 quintals of gold coffee, becoming a reference for the western region of Honduras.

Becamo - NKG

Thanks to the success achieved in the last six years, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe acquires part of BECAMO, introducing the company to the largest network of green coffee producers in the world, made up of more than 48 companies in 23 countries.

Logotipo Transflosa

Grupo Montecristo founds Transportes La Flor to offer logistic support to BECAMO, but the company quickly begins to operate as a separate business, opening the door to new business opportunities and clients outside the network of companies to which it belongs.

Estación de servicio Texaco Hércules

Due to the demand for fuel to carry out logistic activities, Grupo Montecristo buys its first service station, Texaco Hércules, on the highway between San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortés.


The first gas station turns out to be a success, and as a result Grupo Montecristo creates Corporación Petrolera Montecristo S.A. (COPEMSA), continuing to grow through the acquisition of four new service stations and becoming the largest Texaco Chevron distributor in Honduras.

Plantel Becamo Villanueva, Cortés, Honduras.

EBECAMO is inaugurated in Villanueva, Cortés. By consolidating three factories under one operation, it becomes the largest and most technologically advanced processing plant in the country and in Latin America.

Bodega de Becamo

COPEMSA grows to 13 service stations, commercializing 2 million gallons of fuel a month across the 8 most important cities in Honduras. BECAMO exports more than 1.3 million quintals of coffee annually. Hacienda Montecristo exceeds 10K quintals of coffee production and opens its doors to agritourism. The Group creates Fundación Montecristo, through which it works on social outreach projects focused on education. The Foundation is driven by the mission to improve the quality of life of the communities in which it operates and the vision of responsible growth as a mechanism for development and opportunity for all.

Hidroeléctrica Cuyagual

Hacienda Montecristo opens its doors to the public, offering a unique experience to Honduran and international visitors: nature stays and vacations where they can enjoy local birdwatching, hiking, and coffee tours, while delving into the history of the Medina family. At the same time, Grupo Montecristo’s first renewable energy plant, Cuyagual Hydroelectric, begins to operate and provide more than 16 thousand residencies in west Honduras with electricity.

Ayuda humanitaria Fundamon

Grupo Montecristo mobilizes an important part of its resources and operations to support Honduran families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic and the humanitarian crisis left behind by the hurricanes ETA and IOTA.

Estación de servicio Tiger Oil Guatemala

Acquisition of Tiger Oil Group Guatemala, made up of 63 service stations leading Texaco operations in the country. Another milestone for Grupo Montecristo, as a regional operational leader in Latin America and an international company.

Edificio Montecristo, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Acquisition of Grupo Montecristo’s corporate building in San Pedro Sula, where its vision for responsible growth is consolidated.

Grupo Montecristo Board of Directors

Ing. Emilio Medina - CEO Grupo Montecristo

Eng. Emilio Medina

Emilio R. Medina, is a prominent Honduran entrepreneur with extensive experience in various sectors. A graduate in Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University, his professional career has been characterized by leadership and entrepreneurial vision. Since 1983, Emilio has held the position of General Manager of Café Montecristo S.A. (BECAMO), consolidating his position as a leader in the sector. Additionally, he has founded and chaired numerous companies within the Montecristo Group, spanning a wide range of industries, from the petroleum sector with Corporación Petrolera Montecristo (COPEMSA) and Combustibles Chapines (Tiger Oil) to transportation with Transportes La Flor S.A. (TRANSFLOSA). He has also served as Vice-President of Banco de Occidente since 1995.

His commitment to entrepreneurial development is reflected in his active participation in various organizations, such as the Honduran Coffee Exporters Union (UNECAFEH), and his role as an advisor to the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP). Over the years, he has held leadership roles in associations and companies, thus establishing a career marked by strategic vision and contribution to the economic development of Honduras and the region.
Lic. Ramón Medina - Manager Grupo Montecristo

Ramón Medina, MBA

Ramón Medina, a visionary leader driven by his passion for coffee and his commitment to the sustainability of his entire value chain. He currently serves as Co-CEO of Café Montecristo S.A. (Becamo), the second-largest exporter of green coffee in Honduras and a proud member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) in Germany. Ramón's journey with this Group began in 2009, strengthening his skills and knowledge in various aspects of the coffee industry. Serving as a Junior Trader in 2010 at Compañía Internacional del Café S.A.C. (COINCA) in Peru, he quickly progressed within the company. By 2013, he had assumed the crucial role of Trade Manager at Becamo, where he dedicated eight years to driving initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable practices.

Recognizing the importance of international trade in promoting social causes, Ramón returned to Peru and COINCA as CEO in 2022. Here, he promoted initiatives aimed at uplifting coffee producers while implementing innovative health and wellness programs for the company's employees. Ramón even surpassed one million dollars in investment in sustainable coffee programs, directly benefiting producers, their families, and communities. Ramón holds an Executive MBA from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Texas. As Co-CEO of Becamo, he continues to lead with innovation and dedication to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.
Lic. Miguel Medina - Manager Grupo Montecristo

Miguel Medina, MBA

Miguel Medina, the current Minister of Investment Promotion and Executive Secretary of the National Investment Council of Honduras, is responsible for fostering the country's economic growth through partnerships with domestic and international investors. With a distinguished business career, he has led significant investment projects in sectors such as energy, agriculture, logistics, and trade in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

He played a key role in the largest fuel retail sale operation in Honduras and worked as a trader at the world's largest transnational coffee company in New York. Miguel, who holds an MBA from Georgetown University and another from ESADE, as well as a bachelor's degree in business leadership from the University of Dallas, is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the first Honduran appointed to the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders organization in 2023. Miguel resides in Tegucigalpa with his wife and son and speaks Spanish, English, and Italian fluently.
Lic. Gustavo Dreispiel - Director Financiero Grupo Montecristo

Gustavo Dreispiel, MBA
Financial Director

Professional with expertise in strategy, finance, operational efficiency, and human capital. He has been involved for over 40 years in various roles at the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), with the most relevant positions being his 7 years as leader of Consulting at PwC in the Latin American Network (10 Spanish-speaking countries in South America) from 2016 to 2023, his role as President of PwC Colombia from 2015 to 2020, and 19 years as leader of Consulting at PwC Colombia from 1996 to 2015. During these years, he actively participated in projects in Argentina, the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, among other countries in the region, serving clients in various economic sectors, with a primary focus on the energy and mining, chemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, services, entertainment, among other sectors. His education includes specialization seminars at Wharton, Harvard, MIT, including an MBA from the Francisco de Vitoria University (Spain) and a Master's in International Business from the University of Lleida (Spain). Other relevant roles include over 8 years on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce of Colombia.
Lic. Daniel Aviléz - Director Legal Grupo Montecristo

Daniel Aviléz, Esq.
Legal Director

Daniel Mauricio Avilez Alcántara is a lawyer and legal advisor specialized in corporate matters. A graduate of the University of San Pedro Sula, he holds Master's degrees in Finance from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) and in Business Management from the Universidad Europea de Madrid. With over 16 years of experience, he has worked both independently and in regional legal firms, providing legal advice to companies in various sectors. His experience includes company formation, corporate matters, mergers, acquisitions, transformations, commercial contracting, and other corporate issues, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and leading due diligence processes. Additionally, he has experience in tax compliance, special regimes, real estate law, and condominium property regimes. Since 2019, he has served as a full-time legal advisor at Grupo Montecristo.

Our Commitment

Through the Montecristo Foundation, we aim to encourage businesses to engage in social initiatives through donations, fundraising activities, volunteerism, partnerships, and education as a means for social progress across the region.

We seek to do good and make it known, reaffirming our commitment to building fair and equitable societies where everyone wins, becoming an example of responsible growth for the business sector throughout the continent.


We promote the voluntary participation of all our companies in social welfare.

Comprehensive Support

Our assistance includes our associates, their families, and the communities where we operate.

How do we do it?

Through donations, fundraising activities, volunteering, alliances and education.

Action Pillars

Fundamon has achieved a sustainable positive impact through three pillars of action:



▪ 1,029 Students.
▪ 13 Educationals Centers.
▪ 8 Departments in Honduras.



▪ Power supply to 3 rural communities in the area of influence, Honduras.
▪ Road network in the Santa Bárbara area, Honduras. 



▪ Reforestation of approximately 4,000 trees and plants annually.

Fundamon - Mobiliario y útiles escolares
Fundamon - Mobiliario y útiles escolares
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Proyecto de electrificación
Proyecto de electrificación
Escuela Martha Concepción de Guevara - San Felipe
Escuela Martha Concepción de Guevara de Las Delicias
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