Our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability shines in the energy sector, where we aim to lead the way towards a more efficient and clean energy future through emerging technologies and responsible practices.


Our presence in the retail sector is characterized by a careful selection of products and services, where quality, variety, and accessibility intertwine with diversity and a commitment to people.


From efficient logistics services to innovative and sustainable mobility options, our commitment in the transportation sector continues to help redefine the way we move and connect.


We bring clean energy to communities that lacked it, as well as development in infrastructure, health, and education.

Proyecto Santa Lucía

Clean Energy Generation

Cuyagual is a hydroelectric company committed to the comprehensive development of the communities where it operates.
Beyond generating clean energy, our Santa Lucía hydroelectric project seeks to establish an exemplary model of responsible business growth through actions such as road and path maintenance, electrification of over 300 homes in three communities, and the reconstruction of infrastructure such as schools, churches, and community centers.

Energy Generation

Clean energy generation in the municipality of Quimistán, Santa Bárbara, Honduras.

Power Supply

For the communities within our influence that havenever had access to electricity service.

Social Outreach 

Healthcare, education, road and community infrastructure, and climate emergencies.


Our main objective is to provide services and products that facilitate mobility and to ensure that stops along the way are enjoyable.

COPEMSA - Estación de Servicio Metropolitana

Corporación Petrolera Montecristo

Since 2002, COPEMSA has established itself as the leading operator of gas stations and convenience stores in Honduras, with 24 service stations in 9 cities under the brands: Puma, Texaco, and Uno. We provide personalized and superior products and services, covering all fuel supply and convenience store needs.

Estación de servicio Texaco

Tiger Oil Group Guatemala

Tiger Oil Group leads the management of 63 Texaco service stations in Guatemala, offering high-quality fuel services and standing out for its focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer care. Committed to operational excellence, we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.


Presence in Honduras and Guatemala with service stations: Texaco, Shell, Puma, and Uno.

Convenience Stores 

Stop'n Go convenience store chain, offering guaranteed service and quality.


A variety of lubricants for light and heavy transportation, available at all our stations.


We streamline transportation with practical and efficient solutions, ensuring business appointments and product deliveries are always on time.


Transporte La Flor

We lead heavy cargo transportation with operational excellence and innovative logistics solutions.

Our mission is to offer quality solutions, providing safe, efficient, and personalized services, overcoming logistical challenges and maintaining a focus on sustainability and the long-term well-being of the community. 


Continuous monitoring and tracking until your cargo reaches its intended destination.


Constant review of our units to meet scheduled times.


We adapt to your transportation needs to provide you with a tailored service.
Volar R66

Volar Heliport

Volar redefines private helicopter transportation, standing out for its safety, efficiency, and dynamism. Designed for executives and travelers who value time optimization, Volar streamlines business growth and personal travel experiences by offering hassle-free flights and record time to major cities in Honduras and Central America.

Helipuerto Volar
Helipuerto Volar
Helipuerto Volar
Interior Helicópter Robinson R66
Helipuerto Volar
Helipuerto Volar
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Helipuerto Volar


Book your flight, and we'll take you wherever you want to go. It's that simple.

Record Time 

Whether for pleasure or business, arrive early at the destination of your choice.

To Central America 

We fly to any destination in Central America with the efficiency and safety that distinguishes us.