We are a group of companies operating at a national and international level, focused on responsible growth, a vision and methodology that has become our raison d'être.

Beyond Business

We build connections between countries, companies, and people based on family values in which we not only believe, but which we choose to apply and respect every day.

We Want To Be

An example for the business sector across the continent, demonstrating that, through determination, honesty, and solidary, we can build a better present and future.

Products & Services

Grupo Montecristo has international reach through three main areas.
Productos Esenciales
Essential Products

Production and exportation of coffee from the legendary Maya lands. Livestock products and industrial processes.

Energía y Movilidad
Energy and Mobility

Generation of clean energy, fuel stations in Honduras and Guatemala, land cargo and executive air transport.


Convenience stores in our service stations, Agrotourism, and entrepreneurship opportunities with INMOTUR.

Business Methodology

Our Commitment

More than a group of companies, we’re agents of change that contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate.


We promote the voluntary participation of all our companies in social welfare.

Comprehensive Support

Our support involves our associates, their families, and the communities where we operate.

How do we do it?

Through donations, fundraising activities, volunteering, alliances, and education.

Our Brands

Hacienda Montecristo
Beneficio de Café Montecristo
Corporación Petrolera Montecristo
Transporte La Flor
Tiger Oil Group
Tienda de Conveniencia
Helipuerto Volar
Hidroeléctrica Cuyagual